At MasterHairstylists.com we believe that to be True Professionals we NEED Unbiased Information & Education.

We recognize manufacturers in our Industry that "Support" Salons by"NOT" selling to retailers.

In the Beauty Profession we have not had the luxury of having our product recommendations be implemented by "prescription" as in the Medical Profession. 

Our Goal is to provide the Beauty Industry with UnBiased Information that will pay RESPECT both to our Clients & the Professionals who work behind the chair.

This Site will represent "Progressive" People, Ideas & Innovations that will Inspire, Educate & Enrich us to grow with RESPECT by having Integrity for Ourselves & our Clients.

If you are someone who believes that when we "RESPECT" ourselves and give our Clients: Great Service with Artistic & Technical Skills then "YOU" are in the Right Place!

Please visit often & tell everyone you know about this Site. If you choose to become part of this "Experience" then  you will grow not only financially but Integrally by helping to make a "Positive" change in our Profession.

Your Questions & Ideas put in a positive way will always be welcome. Please let us know how "You" feel that  we can make a difference.

Please Enjoy this Site!

George J. Miller


Is an Interactive Web-Site dedicated to helping the Beauty Industry Educate & Inform the Professionals who work in it with:
Truth, Commitment & Respect.

The "Netwerk" John Alanouf & Joseph McCasland filmed in Los Angeles at a "Zookeeper" event.

Photographs Courtesy of Michael Haase