George has been in the Beauty Industry for many years. His list of accomplishments include: 
Salon Owner
Product - Development / Manufacture
Editor for Major Industry Publication
Inspirational Speaker

His Passion for our Profession is EDUCATION.
George knows that without Education both in
Technical & Life Skills it is highly unlikely that
someone working in our Industry will find

It is my sincere belief that the Beauty Industry
needs to Respect itself in a way that it has not
done in the past. My Mission is to Pro-actively
help by uniting Professionals with
"Pure Education".

"Pure Education" is NOT biased in ANY way
by Manufacturers. It is information that is
intended to Explain & Help the Professional
"UNDERSTAND" its content. It is NEVER meant
to "Sell" or "Endorse" any specific product
at the expense of the Truth.

George has just  released
"Your Clientele" the DVD


Photographs Courtesy of Michael Haase

The "Netwerk" John Alanouf & Joseph McCasland filmed in Los Angeles at a "Zookeeper" event.